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The Rezult is Accuracy

The 2020 Elite REZULT delivers a game-changing set of technologies that - combined - puts professional performance and tuning options into the hands of every day archers. Designed and developed by professional archers, the REZULT tunes faster and easier, saving time and leaving frustration at the door. Built for any shooter looking for a bow that delivers the real deal, the REZULT is here.

  • 37.75"
    Axle to Axle
  • 7.25"
    Brace Height
  • 4.7
    Weight (lbs)
  • 24-31"
    Draw Length
  • 40 - 65
    Peak Weight (lbs)
  • 90-70%
  • 325 fps
    IBO Speed
  • rh
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  • S.E.T. Technology

    Simplified. Exact. Tuning.

    Elite's unique and innovative S.E.T. Technology, or Simplified Exact Tuning, allows micro-adjustments to the cam attitude with adjustments at the limb pocket. Adjustment at the limb pocket delivers an incredibly simple tuning process at the most stable portion of the bow.
    Paper tuning. Walk back tuning. Bare shaft tuning. Broadhead tuning.
    All with no bow press required.

  • ASYM

    Tri-Track Cam

    The all-new Elite ASYM Tri-Track Cams deliver the smooth draw cycle that Elite is famous for. This draw cycle is later to peak weight and lets you off the hook sooner. The huge dwell zone on an Elite settles you into your shot against a rock-solid back wall.
    The ASYM Tri-Track Cam delivers an efficient energy generating system. A first-of-its-kind in the archery industry, the ASYM Tri-Track Cam uses a cable on each side to laterally balance the cable load on each side of the axle. This keeps the cam incredibly stable from brace all the way to full draw.

    Draw Module

    The new VERSAMOD - only from Elite Archery - delivers seven full inches of draw length adjustment in just quarter-inch increments. Combined with Elite's famous shootability and the versatility of Elite's S.E.T. Technology (Simplified Exact Tuning), Elite is changing what adjustability means to archery.
  • Bullet Proof


    Elite's bullet-proof limbs have long been a hallmark of the quality and shootability found in Elite bows. Now working with the StabiLock Limb Pockets and Asym Tri-Track Cams, the wider limb stance delivers unparalleled stability. The stability in this platform delivers a bow that aims and holds with rock-solid confidence.
    Elite's new VibeX Blocks are included on many 2020 Elite models. These dampeners have been specifically engineered to reduce dynamic vibration. The result is a quiet and smooth shot, every time.
  • Precision


    The Elite grip has been the envy of many. With a slightly narrower grip, an Elite rests perfectly in your hand. Perfect ergonomics deliver a comfortable, natural feel throughout the draw cycle.
    This is just another detail that makes an Elite the world's most shootable bow.
  • Dual Caged


    Elite was the first to market the Riser Cage™️ - and we've continued to push the boundaries of what's possible. A caged riser promotes stability and balance by reinforcing the areas of the riser that are prone to flexing. The wider crosssection of the cage placed in the key transition areas not only stiffens the riser overall but also helps eliminate vibration at the shot.
    Modern Elite bows feature Dual Riser Cages™️ - providing even more stiffness, rigidity, stability, and balance for the archer. All while delivering the world's most shootable bows.
  • Premium Factory


    Factory Grade Elite strings and cables are engineered for proven performance with your Elite bow. Replace your string and cables with Winner's Choice to ensure your bow is optimized and in proper specifications.

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