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Ember RTS
Shootability At The Ready

Everyone knows that an Elite bow is the world's most shootable bow. The Ember brings that shootability to archers of all sizes and ages. An aluminum caged riser, limb pockets, cams, and mods. Cam bearings instead of bushings. High-quality Winner's Choice strings. Limb dampeners included. Elite's integrated limb stops deliver a solid back wall that other bows simply can't.

The Elite Ember RTS (Ready To Shoot) package is an excellent entry-level setup for archers of all ages. Completely adjustable from 10 pounds to 60 pounds and 15 inches to 29 inches makes this a great bow for everyone.

RTS (Ready To Shoot) Package Includes:

  • Arrow Mane full capture rest from CBE
  • Tactic 3-pin adjustable sight from CBE
  • Affect compact carbon stabilizer from CBE
  • Tactic 5 ultra-light quiver from CBE
  • 31.25"
    Axle to Axle
  • 6.25"
    Brace Height
  • 3.6
    Weight (lbs)
  • 15-29"
    Draw Length
  • 10-60
    Peak Weight (lbs)
  • UP TO 80%
  • 310 fps
    IBO Speed
  • rh
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Ember RTS


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Ninja Black
  • Full Capture Rest

    Arrow Mane by CBE

    The Arrow Mane is the next evolution of the biscuit-style release, with a complete capture system for arrows from 0.275" to 0.315" in diameter. Its laser engraved windage tube makes adjustments easy and repeatable, while a full inch of elevation makes it simple to mount on virtually any bow.

  • 3-Pin Adjustable Sight

    Tactic by CBE

    The Tactic from CBE is everything you need in a bow sight. Multiple positioning holes make it easy to mount to any bow. Tool-less adjustments for elevation and windage allow you to dial in your sight without fumbling with tools. The Tactic is also ambidextrous - allowing use on both right-hand and left-hand bows.

  • Compact quiver for all broadheads

    Tactic 5 Quiver

    The Tactic 5 Quiver from CBE is an ultra-light, compact quiver that mounts to any bow. The Tactic 5 includes an integrated vertical adjustment to get the perfect fit for your bow. The quiver hood accepts both fixed and mechanical broadheads. A unique clamping design with a cam lock makes sure the quiver clamps down tight, but makes for easy removal.
  • Compact high-mod carbon stabilizer

    Affect by CBE

    The Affect from CBE is a high quality, compact stabilizer designed specifically for smaller bows. At just 6-inches, the Affect won't get hung up or in the way no matter how tight a space you're shooting from. The Affect comes standard with 2 ounces of weight.

  • Premium Factory


    Factory Grade Elite strings and cables are engineered for proven performance with your Elite bow. Replace your string and cables with Winner's Choice to ensure your bow is optimized and in proper specifications.

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