• quiver_two_piece
  • quiver_two_piece


1 Piece

  • 6061-T6 machined aluminum construction
  • Unique clamping design
  • Available in 4 or 6 arrow configurations
  • Accepts both fixed and mechanical broadheads
  • Extremely rigid and quiet
  • Fits all popular hunting arrow diameters
Pro Kote
  • quiver_two_piece
  • quiver_two_piece


2 Piece

  • 6061-T6 machined aluminum construction
  • Extremely lightweight, rigid and quiet
  • Adjustable for low profile attachment
  • Gripper height adjustment of 4 1/2"
  • Available in 4 or 6 arrow configurations
  • Accepts both fixed and mechanical broadheads
  • Fits all popular hunting arrow diameters
Pro Kote


Hood Color

Black | Realtree MAX-1 | Realtree Xtra | Realtree APS



Partnered with the best

Elite™ Archery has partnered with Stokerized Aiming Solutions and Doinker to create a high end, technologically advanced stabilizer for your compound bow. Doinker® A-Bomb Dampeners with ITP Technology, coupled with the natural dampening properties of the solid acrylic rods used by Stokerized Aiming Solutions, eliminate unwanted bow torque, noise and vibration.

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum and Acrylic Rod Construction
  • Doinker® A-Bomb and Acrylic Absorb and Dampen Vibration
  • Laser Engraved Elite Logo
  • Available in 7 1/4" (6.6oz) and 11" (7.4oz) Lengths
  • stabilizer6_aps
  • stabilizer6_black
  • stabilizer6_max
  • stabilizer6_xtra
  • stabilizer_aps
  • stabilizer_black
  • stabilizer_max
  • stabilizer_xtra


Elite Custom HDX UltraRest

  • Custom mounting arm fits all Elite bows
  • Available in Cerakote patriot brown or sniper gray
  • Available in right and left hand
  • Preset elevation and centershot adjustments for 2015 Elite bow models
  • Total arrow containment
  • Super fast drop-away speeds guarantee fletching clearance

Soft Bowcase

Elite™ Archery branded single bow case - the perfect accessory for any Elite bowhunter.

  • Black/Gray denier nylon construction
  • Embroidered Elite Logo
  • Soft case features zippered arrow box and internal accessories pockets
  • Soft case has reinforced corners and sides to protect bow and maintain shape
Soft Bow Case

Custom Bow Slings

Custom Bow Slings

  • Fully adjustable sling with semi-rigid rope system that does not flop or fold
  • Angled mounting bracket puts sling at a perfect 40-degree angle
  • Available in Ninja, Realtree® Xtra®, Realtree® Max-1® and Realtree® AP® Snow

Premium Hardwood Grips

  • Transitional grip with wider face for added surface area
  • Fitted grip that accommodates any Elite hunting bow
  • Available in low or medium wrist
  • Gray or Brown Hardwood Laminant
Premium Hardwood Grips