• Energy 32
    The compact Elite for hunters!
    The Energy 32 is ELITE's new hunting bow. With it's shorter, more compact geometry, the Energy 32 is ideal for shooting in tight quarters and carrying in cover. Not only is Energy 32 three inches shorter than Energy 35, it's also 5 FPS faster as well. Energy 32 features ELITE's new Riser Cage which increases riser strength by 30% and riser rigidity by 19% without any added weight. And, the new Energy Cam and more parallel limbs mean you will get more out of what you put in and vibration and recoil free shooting. In other words, Energy 32 is the world's most "shootable" hunting bow!
  • Energy 35
    The ultimate bow for the all-around archer!
    The Energy 35 is the ultimate bow for the all-around archer. It gives the hunter tournament-caliber accuracy without tournament bow length. It gives the shooter hunting bow maneuverability without sacrificing accuracy. It gives the all-season archer the opportunity to shoot one bow without compromise. Some call that impossible. We call it Energy 35! A new optimized Energy Cam System and more parallel limbs offer smoother, more efficient shooting. And, the all-new Riser Cage increases riser strength (by 30 %) and stiffness (by 19%) without added weight. In short, this is the world's most "shootable" bow!
  • Tour
    The Elite bow made for competition!
    For the tournament archer, the ELITE Tour builds ELITE "shootability" into a tournament bow frame for podium-climbing accuracy and the unmatched consistency afforded by enhanced forgiveness. Winning is about who makes the best not-so-good shots. It's about forgiveness. That's what you'll get with the ELITE Tour!
  • Spirit
    The first Elite bow for women!
    Introducing the ELITE Spirit, the first ELITE bow designed specifically for women! Spirit instills ELITE "shootability" and performance into a smaller-framed bow which is lighter weight (under 4 lbs.) and offers a more petite grip and riser. The Spirit features parallel limbs and a Spirit Cam System designed to maximize dynamic energy and minimize vibration and recoil. It also features ELITE's new Riser Cage for maximum riser strength and stiffness and minimum torque. The new ELITE Spirit - if you try it, you'll buy it!

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